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05 March 2008

Don't Listen to Limbaugh

I am angry at Rush Limbaugh's call for Republicans to vote in the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton. I believe that people should choose whom they want to vote for, and do so, and not treat a vote as a strategic play. It seems inherently dishonest to me for someone to vote for someone whom they are really against. If Republicans hope that a vote for Hillary is ultimately a vote for McCain, I think that they may find this strategy blowing up in their faces.

What also bothers me is that Limbaugh and his followers are blindly supporting the Republican side without even giving any consideration whatsoever to the possibility that one of the Democrats might actually be a better candidate than the presumptive Republican nominee. This is not a sports contest, where the die hard fan supports their team no matter what. People need to listen to the different sides and make an informed choice, and not just vote strictly by party.

Personally, I lean Republican, but have been listening to what Obama is saying and I think that I could potentially vote for him over McCain. I feel that I know enough about Hillary to know I don't want to vote for her. I'm hoping for Obama to be the Democratic nominee, because I want to have that choice open to me in the general election. I still don't know for sure whether Obama would have my vote, but I would hate to see him lose his party's nomination because of Republicans dirty tricks.

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