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10 September 2009

California wildfires not caused by global warming, says meteorologist

Watch this and judge for yourself. I think it is healthy to look at alternative perspectives. Most folks these days act as if global warming were an irefutable fact. I think the jury is still out. I am not "anti-global warming", if one can be such--either global warming is happening or it isn't, regardless of whether you "believe" in it or not. It may or may not be a true phenomenon and time will tell. What I am against is the politicization of science and the silencing of alternative scientific explanations, on both sides. It is simply not good science when debate is closed, facts are distorted or ignored, and alternative theories are villified. Whether the meteoroligist in this video is right in his conclusions about the data he sees, I at least like his approach of looking at facts. You may quibble about the facts he uses, but if you do, I want to see some data to back it up, not unsubstantiated attacks like, "Yeah, well, he could have made up those maps and charts himself." Maybe he did. If you think so, then provide some evidence to back up the assertion. Don't just assume it. Having said all that; at the end to the day, whether or not the earth is on an overall warming trend attributal to humans, I do think it makes good sense to conserve energy and resources, and to have clean air and water, etc. Its too bad people need to be motivated by fear of calamity before they will act as responsible stewards of the earth.

The Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon - by Lynn ridenhour

An interesting perspective on the Book of Mormon: The Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon - by Lynn ridenhour

04 September 2009

Job Interview Questions

Great resources to help you through the hiring process, whether you are the one hiring, or the one seeking a job.

Storyline Online

Cool site for kids and adults alike. Listen to screen actors reading children's stories. It's like Reading Rainbow on demand.